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Eastern Hemisphere - Southeast 153m Terrain Mesh

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Unlike FSX which can contain multiple LODs in the same file, FS2004 can only have one LOD per file, so here's why you need these low-resolution products. The terrain engine mitigates performance issues by graduating the visual range of the terrain by Level of Detail (LOD). The lower the LOD, the fewer elevation points in the array and the more distant points can be loaded into memory for display. So, the lower the LOD, the farther the visual range. Conversely, the higher the LOD, the more points in the array and only the closer points can be loaded into memory for display. If these visual ranges were not hard-coded and we could extend the visual range of the higher LODs out to the distances of the lower LODs, the whole simulation would be brought to its knees trying to process the sudden number of exponentially-increased elevation values.

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So we might picture LOD ranges as concentric circles emanating out from the location of your aircraft, with the higher LODs closer in and the lower LODs farther away.

As we can see, the default LOD 5 circle is quite large, so you will see it all the way out to the horizon. This is the default terrain throughout most of the FS2004 world, a very large circle of low-resolution terrain with your aircraft at the center, following your aircraft through the FS world, continually loading and unloading the data within the circle, moving through the FS environment.

If you install a very high resolution 19m add-on BGL, the relatively small circle of visual range (small dot top left) will extend out only so far, leaving an abrupt transition from 19m to 1223m terrain, causing "rips" or "tears" in the terrain display caused by the inability of the low-resolution terrain to connect properly to the edges of the high-resolution terrain.

The solution to this problem is to fill in the missing range circles to make a more gradual transition out to the horizon to eliminate the rips and tears.

FSGenesis FS2004 Global terrain mesh products fill this gap with 612m, 306m, and 153m terrain (bottom left) that will mitigate the rips and tears for those who have installed 76m, 38m, or 19m terrain mesh anywhere world-wide.

What is Terrain Mesh?

The world is not flat…it comprises mountains, valleys, rolling plains, etc. I.E. topographical features. These bumps, dips, and flat areas all need to be translated into a surface understood by your flight simulator. Terrain Mesh is the name given to the Digital Elevation Model, (DEM), that represents these topographical features. This is the surface of the earth over which the user flies in the simulator (or crashes into!) For more than a decade, FSGenesis has been the leader in highly realistic, high resolution terrain mesh for flight simulator. So to make your simulator world and scenery as realistic as possible, you need terrain mesh!

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